Ever had a friend or say, couple of friends? I guess your answer was ‘yes!’ or ‘but of course’ . Well that’s great, at least for a start. What we all forget that a good number of people you call your ‘friends’ aren’t really your friends.

This could be a little bit bewildering I know. I mean, we have so many people around us. Is it even possible for anyone on this earth to have no friends? Well my answer is yes.

I call it the ‘friend zone’ arena 👭👬. Think of it this way, you guys take classes together, take meals together and could be ‘so close’ that when one is seen solo you’ll automatically know that the other is not far out of sight. But wait… friendship all about great company and having fun together when pastures are all green on your side?

Well the appropriate answer is yes and no😟. Someone might ask, what are friends for if they aren’t the perfect company to be with. I will not gainsay that, not at all. We have all had a period where we’d rather have just anyone to call a ‘friend’ as company simply because they are so much fun, and days seem shorter around them. I have had my share of that too, severally.

I will otherwise take an example of Facebook. You will realize that you’ve got hundreds and some even thousands of friend requests on your Facebook account. Among all your current Facebook friends, how many of them would have your back on occasions when life acts brutal on you? In our era, I’ll say, almost a third them all if you are lucky enough will.

Suppose you are in your green and green and all green part of your life, you’ll end up thinking that everyone is actually for you – they ain’t though, I can promise that.

We all have in a number of occasions mistaken acquaintances for friends and vice I versa. An acquaintance is pretty far from friendship, works more on how familiar one is to you.

Here is where I get to my ‘NO’ . We all have this ‘friend’ around us that we would never mind if they never stood up for us or as long as being around them keeps us smiling and cracking our ribs we say. But literally, is that all?? Is it? If you said no, then we’re both reading from the same script of life. Don’t get me wrong, acquaintances are as well very important in our lives, but believe you me – we need more than just physical company.

We need friends that will hold our hands when the winds blow too strong and our grip on sanity is getting slippery. The sooner we realize that, the easier it will be for us to appreciate those that leave us in our moments of anguish. Friends will hold you whenever and wherever. Friendship should not be just about company, let’s put love in our friendships. Only then can we learn to have each others’ backs even when we are a million miles apart. We will still know that a part of us cares for the other.

You don’t have to be the perfect friend that will always bring along gifts when you visit. Ha ha!! It does not have to work like that. Be the friend that one can count on even though all you give is a shoulder to lean on…not your back as you make an exit.

Thank you for making it this far 🙋

Please let me know what you think about this, if you hold a controversial point of view, you’re welcome 😊😊😊